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Sysco Noise Complaints - 09/12/09

Here is an email from our Economic Development Director regarding a proposed solution to the problem.  This proposal comes directly from Sysco management and I've indicated to City Staff that I wanted your feedback before pulling the trigger.

After reading the email and viewing the PDF, please POST YOUR THOUGHTS HERE. City Staff will review the comments that you post HERE and we will go from there.

Email from Mike Conlon, 9/11/09

"Sysco is proposing to create the vegetative barrier for sound absorption along the property within the Com-Ed easement  -  this is the best location for such a screen.  They are proposing a planting of 16 trees of significant size (no 2' Menard's pot plants) of a species mix to be determined by the City - we will probably recommend a mix of Colorado Spruce and Black Pine - the latter has bushier growth but eventually loses lower limbs - we will rely on the City's arborist for a recommendation.  This barrier will become more effective each year as the trees grow and fill in the spacing between.

The attachment contains four graphic images: (1) a rather blue aerial photo of the Sysco / Orchard Court area showing the proposed planting area outlined in red; (2) a sketch of the proposed tree alignment, showing the Com-Ed transmission towers that will always be in the way; (3) proposed species - Colorado Spruce; and (4) proposed species -Austrian Black Pine. View the attachment HERE."

After reading Mike's email and viewing the PDF, post your thoughts HERE.

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