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Look familiar? 

The Des Plaines Police Department is participating in a traffic safety pilot program entitled Keep Kids Alive Drive 25 ®, a project that focuses on reducing speeding in residential neighborhoods.  After several local Des Plaines Police Department Neighborhood Watch Meetings, the Des Plaines Police received unanimous support to engage and educate all citizens in creating safer streets.  It was decided that Thacker Street, between First and Wolf Road, would be the first traffic safety zone of the pilot program.  The goal of the program is to attract the attention of drivers as a means of reinforcing the message to observe the posted speed. To this end, signs that read “Keep Kids Alive Drive 25 ®” were posted up and down Thacker Street, between First Avenue and Wolf Road, this past week.  Pre and post speed tests are conducted prior to and after implementation of the campaign and the installation of the signs. Members of the Des Plaines Traffic Safety Task Force, such as the Neighborhood Watch groups and the Des Plaines Police Community Action Team (CAT), distributed brochures to residents along Thacker Street to advise them of the pilot program and the posting of the temporary signs. The signs are to remain in the parkway for approximately three weeks, throughout the testing period.  The program is funded through the Des Plaines Police Department’s asset forfeiture funds. For additional information call 847-391-5410.
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