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City Council Meeting - 12/07/09

Our budget is almost complete.  After approving the revenue streams, the only thing left is passing the levy...a legal formality that must take place prior to the end of this calendar year.  Check earlier posts for budget highlights.  Residents of the 7th Ward began the meeting by protesting the proposed installation of a cell phone tower in their neighborhood.  Meeting highlights included a garage, the library's budget, and police and fire pensions.

A 3rd Ward resident came asking for a variance for a proposed garage.  The Council rejected the proposal because a large garage would be out of character in The Villas.  The library reported that they would be refusing City services (at a cost of $44k) and instead they would outsource these services to the tune of over $60k -- including legal services.  The consultant representing the Police & Fire Pension Boards gave a presentation on how the Boards invest their funds....this presentation following a series of questions posed by the Council and residents during the budget hearings. You can view the consultant's presentation HERE.  Stay tuned for yesterday's ward meeting minutes.

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