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Ward Meeting: Wednesday, January 20th

Next month's 3rd Ward Meeting will feature two very special guests.  State Representatives Elaine Nekritz and Rosemary Mulligan represent a combined 29-years of experience serving the 3rd Ward in the Illinois General Assembly.  Their respective districts divide the 3rd Ward in two pieces.  On the following map, those who live north of the orange line are a part of the 57th Legislative District and are represented by Elaine Nekritz.  Those living south of the orange line have seen Rep. Rosemary Mulligan's name on the ballot since 1993. 

For those who have made it out to past meetings, you'll recollect how frequently we refer to State Statutes, new laws, and entities/processes that are controlled by the State of Illinois.  This is your chance to meet your State lawmaker and our chance to pose some candid questions.  Please invite your neighbors to join us...

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010
Prairie Lakes

Note: This month's meeting had to be on the third Wednesday of the month due to legislative schedules.


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