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City Council Meeting - 09/08/09

Tonight's meeting focussed on two main issues: the levee 37 flood wall (or the hole in the flood wall to be more precise) and a State grant for streetscape improvement in downtown.  Pictured to the right is a section of levee 37 that will remain incomplete until a number of intergovernmental agreements are reached. Read this letter to the editor from Mayor Moylan to Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky and lend us your voice.  Contact our Congresswoman:

Write an Email or call (847) 328-3409 

I raised a question regarding a consent agenda item (items that are of a non-controversial nature).  The grant in question was one where $800k of State money would be available should the City contribute $200k, with the total $1m being spent on streetscaping in our downtown.  I asked if this was the right time to spend money on streetscaping....could we hold off on a decision and still be eligible for the matching State grant?  The answer to this question was disappointing.  Delaying action on this item would have forfeited the State money.  With that detail in mind, I supported the measure.  If our downtown is to stay competitive (in attracting new business and maintaining the existing business) we need to take advantage of these State grants when they come available.

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