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City Council Meeting: 10/20/10

This special meeting of the City Council included a number of important budget outcomes.  The $1.2 million fire truck was not approved; instead the current truck will be repaired as-needed for 2011.  

I made a motion to cut 10% from the overtime budgets from the Public Works, Fire, and Police Departments.  This overtime is used for special projects, call-backs resulting from injuries, and storm events.  I argued that reducing the overtime budgets would force department heads to find efficiencies within their departments, as the alternative funding would no longer be as accessible.  This proposal evolved into a cut for PW and Fire and the resulting savings should amount to over $100,000.  My amended motion passed and the reductions were recorded.  

Alderman Argus proposed the elimination of $20,000 budgeted for tuition reimbursements.  I argued that our most valuable assets are our employees.  Investment in their continued development can only improve the quality of City services.  Additionally, this benefit makes us competitive in a marketplace when many employers offer tuition reimbursements.    

The final budget hearing is set for Monday, October 25th in City Hall.  

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