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City Council Meeting: 07/06/10

Sorry for the delay...this summer has been an eventful one for all of us! Last Tuesday's Council meeting proved as interesting as most recent meetings. 

First up was yet another issue with the consent agenda.  I pulled a rather standard business license off of consent in order to discuss a matter of procedure.  Currently, our Economic Development Department asks businesses to fill out rather long forms.  We ask for details so that decisions are grounded in fact and institutional knowledge is maintained long after City Staff and Council move on.  However, on more than one application for a conditional use permit, Staff accepted forms with little to no detail. (IMAGE: Example of the level of detail accepted on questionnaires)  The item was postponed so that Staff could better document their work and protect the City from future he-said-she-said disputes. 

During the committee of the whole, the Council approved an expanded parking lot for the Des Plaines Islamic Community Center; this expansion should foster healthier Mosque-neighbor relations with fewer cars parked on the residential side streets. 

Bully Automotive was granted a conditional use permit to sell used cars.  The majority of the Council (6-2) supported this permit as it required the owner to beautify their parcel.  Alderman Higgason and I voted against this measure.  While this permit would improve the appearance of the property, the strategic plan for the Oakton Street corridor does not include more used car sales. 

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