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Imitation: Highest Form of Flattery

City Council Meeting of July 19, 2011

Last night's Council meeting was unique in that both of the contentious issues had been previously decided, added to the agenda for reconsideration, and ultimately overturned.  The Miner Street Tavern has been looking to transfer their business license (read: seek approval for a 4am liquor license) since I joined the City Council.  Search "4am" our "liquor" on 3rdward.org to see all the posts...  Since then, I've maintained that DP shouldn't be a 4 o'clock town.  Last evening, I voted my conscience and voted "no" on the transfer but a majority of the Council disagreed. Decision reversed: Miner Street Tavern now has a permanent 4am license. 

Two weeks ago residents of the 7th ward paid a visit to the City Council to speak their minds on the proposed cell tower in their backyard.  I voted against the T-Mobile proposal and it failed 3-5.  After that meeting, Alderman Haugeberg of the 1st Ward sent a letter to the City Clerk asking for reconsideration of the item ("no" voters can ask to reconsider and change their mind).  We reconsidered, she changed her mind, making the vote 4-4.  When this happens, Mayor Moylan has to break the tie and in this case he voted to approve the tower.  Decision reversed: Cell tower approved.  

I'm excited to announce that this is my 113th post to 3rdWard.org in the past 2 years! (plus 29 discussion threads, 6 newsletters, 69 photos...)  I'm almost as excited to announce another DP ward website is joining the blogosphere...welcome 5th Ward Alderman Jim Brookman and his 5thWard.net!  Imitation is absolutely the highest form of flattery.  

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