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New Ward Map - Changes in 3rd Ward

Every 10 years the census is conducted and the complexion of our city changes.  During our last census, the 1st and 2nd Wards gained population while the 3rd Ward maintained its population.  This shift needed to be addressed before the next April election so that we can comply with the Warren Court decisions from the 1960s.  The courts decided that the population of districts must be largely equal.  

While I understand the need to make a few map changes, it is always hard to transition.  Know that I worked with my fellow aldermen to make shifts that were as non-obtrusive as possible.  To those new 3rd Ward residents east of 1st Ave, welcome! To those former 3rd Ward residents west of Mt. Prospect Rd, know that neither my phone number nor my email address has changed so please never hesitate to reach out.   

Here is a quick look at the new 3rd Ward: View City Ward Map

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