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The Facts About Demographics

There was some discussion about DP demographics in last night's Council meeting. Here are some stats from The Tammen Group's report:
Population: 59,297
Median Age: 42.4
Median Income: $63,528
White collar employment: 61.9%
Blue collar employment: 21.0%
Farm/service employment: 17.03%
Owner occupied home: 79%
Renter occupied home: 21%
Household income between $50,000-$149,999: 36.9%

Also, some info about diversity from the report (p. 5): "Des Plaines has become significantly more diverse over the course of the last two-plus decades. While residents classifying themselves as "white only" comprised 84.4 percent of the city's population in 2000, this figure had fallen to 77.3% by 2010 and is estimated at 76.2 percent currently. During this same period, people classifying themselves as Asian grew from 7.6 percent of the population to 11.8 percent. In addition, Hispanic or Latino residents made up 14.0 percent of the city's population in 2000 and 18.2 percent today."

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