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Casino Update: Development Schedule

Memo from the Department of Community and Economic Development

The preliminary Planned Unit Development (PUD) materials for the Des Plaines Casino development were received by the Department of Community and Economic Development on January 4th and are currently undergoing staff review. Based upon this submittal, we have laid out the following timeline for the Casino’s regulatory approvals:

(subject to change)
January 25th
- Plan Commission review of Preliminary PUD submittal
January 26th - Community Development Committee review of Preliminary PUD
February 16th - City Council first reading of Preliminary PUD and zoning change
March 1st - Second Reading PUD & estimated date of commencement of demolition
March 15th - Tentative start of construction (site work)
July 30, 2011 - Completion

There are intermediary steps which must be adhered to, of course, and the final engineering and Final PUD submittals would have to follow the Preliminary almost immediately, but it looks as though those elements are already nearly complete and the schedule, while aggressive, is achievable.


River & Rand Redevelopment Plan

Here are the links to the Five Corners Final Report as presented to the City Council on 1/4/09:

Section 1

Section 2


Ward Meeting: Wednesday, January 20th

Next month's 3rd Ward Meeting will feature two very special guests.  State Representatives Elaine Nekritz and Rosemary Mulligan represent a combined 29-years of experience serving the 3rd Ward in the Illinois General Assembly.  Their respective districts divide the 3rd Ward in two pieces.  On the following map, those who live north of the orange line are a part of the 57th Legislative District and are represented by Elaine Nekritz.  Those living south of the orange line have seen Rep. Rosemary Mulligan's name on the ballot since 1993. 

For those who have made it out to past meetings, you'll recollect how frequently we refer to State Statutes, new laws, and entities/processes that are controlled by the State of Illinois.  This is your chance to meet your State lawmaker and our chance to pose some candid questions.  Please invite your neighbors to join us...

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010
Prairie Lakes

Note: This month's meeting had to be on the third Wednesday of the month due to legislative schedules.



Register to VOTE!

The last day to register to vote in the February 2nd General Primary Election is January 5th, 2010.  Citizens wishing to register must bring two forms of identification to the City Clerk’s Office, Room 602, City Hall, 1420 Miner St.  Individuals born outside the United States will need to present naturalization papers. 

The City Clerk’s Office is open from 8:30 AM – 5 PM, Monday – Friday.  For additional information, call the City Clerk’s Office at 847-391-5311.


City Commission Openings 

Presently, the Mayor's office is looking to fill eight vancancies on City Commissions:

1 - Consumer Protection
2 - Zoning Board
5 - Youth Commission

Donna Catlett in the Mayor's Office will be your best resource to learn more about the specific workings of City Commissions.  She can be reached at: 847/391-5301


Daily Herald Clarification

Des Plaines vows to make streets, neighborhood flooding 2010 priorities
12/08/09 - By Madhu Krishnamurthy

To clarify a story that ran Nov. 29 about neighborhood flooding in Des Plaines, 3rd Ward Alderman Matt Bogusz said any cost sharing with residents for rear-yard drainage improvements may exclude residents who cannot afford to pay yet live in neighborhoods with the most flooding problems - but that it also may get residents who are serious about fixing their backyards to pitch in.

Read the full text of the article HERE


City Council Meeting - 12/07/09

Our budget is almost complete.  After approving the revenue streams, the only thing left is passing the levy...a legal formality that must take place prior to the end of this calendar year.  Check earlier posts for budget highlights.  Residents of the 7th Ward began the meeting by protesting the proposed installation of a cell phone tower in their neighborhood.  Meeting highlights included a garage, the library's budget, and police and fire pensions.

A 3rd Ward resident came asking for a variance for a proposed garage.  The Council rejected the proposal because a large garage would be out of character in The Villas.  The library reported that they would be refusing City services (at a cost of $44k) and instead they would outsource these services to the tune of over $60k -- including legal services.  The consultant representing the Police & Fire Pension Boards gave a presentation on how the Boards invest their funds....this presentation following a series of questions posed by the Council and residents during the budget hearings. You can view the consultant's presentation HERE.  Stay tuned for yesterday's ward meeting minutes.


Commissioner Reception: 12/11/09

Are you currently or have you ever been a member of a City Commission? If the answer is yes, please consider joining a holiday reception to thank all those who have contributed to one of our City's strongest assets.  The reception will be held in Room 101 (City Hall, 1420 Miner St.) at 4pm on December 11th.  Please direct your questions or RSVPs to Donna Catlett in the Mayor's office at 847-391-5301.


Ward Meeting: Wednesday, 12/09/09

Get ready for this month's 3rd Ward Meeting...same time, same place!

Wednesday, December 9th
7pm - Prairie Lakes

This meeting does not have a formal agenda and will be used to discuss almost-final budget issues and other neighborhood priorities.  If you have something substantial you'd like to discuss please email me ahead of time so I can have the research prepared.


Holiday Lights Around the Corner

Like clockwork...the cobwebs and pumpkins come down and within minutes the Turkeys, gingerbread men (and women), and Santa invade the stores, radio stations, and every TV commercial in sight.  That means its about time to light some trees here in DP!  Join us for the annual tree lighting tradition:
Friday, December 4th - 5:30PM
Metropolitan Square

Call 847.391.5312 for more information.