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Watch the Waste Hauler Presentations

If you missed the December 2nd City Council meeting, be sure to watch the presentations ("Committee of the Whole" - Public Works) from the three waste hauling companies who submitted the lowest proposals to the City http://www.desplaines.org/index.aspx?NID=645 We'll be discussing this further at the December 11th 3rd Ward meeting.

Also, we'll have Randy Wille, Manager of Environmental and Land Services, from Meyer Material at the meeting who would like to begin a dialogue about how Meyer can be a better neighbor. Please pass this on to people you know who live in the Crestwood/Prairie neighborhood that is just south of Meyer.


The Facts About Demographics

There was some discussion about DP demographics in last night's Council meeting. Here are some stats from The Tammen Group's report:
Population: 59,297
Median Age: 42.4
Median Income: $63,528
White collar employment: 61.9%
Blue collar employment: 21.0%
Farm/service employment: 17.03%
Owner occupied home: 79%
Renter occupied home: 21%
Household income between $50,000-$149,999: 36.9%

Also, some info about diversity from the report (p. 5): "Des Plaines has become significantly more diverse over the course of the last two-plus decades. While residents classifying themselves as "white only" comprised 84.4 percent of the city's population in 2000, this figure had fallen to 77.3% by 2010 and is estimated at 76.2 percent currently. During this same period, people classifying themselves as Asian grew from 7.6 percent of the population to 11.8 percent. In addition, Hispanic or Latino residents made up 14.0 percent of the city's population in 2000 and 18.2 percent today."


It's Fall in the 3rd Ward!

Check out the latest issue of the Ward R3PORT, the newsletter of the 3rd Ward. We're featuring an Eagle Scout project written by our newest contributor, Marlen Garcia. The Westfield neighborhood is the subject of an article by local historian, Brian Wolf. We have information about wildlife and tree markings, and much more! Read the fall issue.


October Ward Meeting Moved

Due to the 2014 City of Des Plaines budget meetings, the October Ward meeting will not take place on the second Wednesday. Instead, please save the date for Thursday, October 17 at 7:00 p.m. at Prairie Lakes. We will discuss and plan an event to take back Potawatomie Park from recent, troublesome situations. Our guest speaker will be Dr. Gregory Sarlo, a clinical psychologist with experience in "positive loitering" in Rogers Park.


Minutes Available from September Ward Meeting

 Minutes from the September 11, 2013 3rd Ward tour of the City of Des Plaines Emergency Operations Center are now available. Special thanks to Officer John Pluta and his staff of Citizen Corps Volunteers for an informative introduction to this IEMA accredited facility.


Third Ward to Tour EOC on Sept. 11

The monthly 3rd Ward meeting will take place on Wednesday, September 11, 2013 at the Des Plaines City Hall where residents will be given a tour of the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) managed by our Des Plaines Police Department. Officer John Pluta of the Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency division will conduct the tour.

Residents will meet in front of the 9/11 Memorial sculpture located in front of the City Hall plaza, between the City Hall and Police Department. We'll gather for a moment of silence at 7:00 pm, and then proceed into City Hall for the tour.


Finance Director Presents PAFR at August Ward Meeting

Des Plaines Finance Director, Dorothy Wisniewski, presented the Popular Annual Finance Report (PAFR) to 3rd Ward residents at the montly Ward meeting. This report summarizes Des Plaines' revenues and expenditures for the 2012 fiscal year in a "user friendly" format.

For the first time, the City of Des Plaines is participating in the Government Finance Officers Association PAFR award program this year. If you aren't able to attend the meeting, you can download a copy of the PAFR from the City's website. The minutes from the meeting are now available.


Minutes Posted from June/July

Thanks to our volunteer note taker, 3rd Ward meeting minutes are now available from the June and July meetings. Even if you attended the meetings, take a look at the minutes for follow up to questions.

A special thanks to Police Chief Bill Kushner for spending time with us at our June meeting. Residents left the meeting feeling very proud of our new Chief and the work he is doing in the Police Department.


Foxes Sighted in 3rd Ward

According to Animal Control Officer Jeff Paul, there are several fox families in Des Plaines and the 3rd Ward has the most that he knows about. Foxes are actually great neighbors as they control the populations of mice, squirrels and rabbits where they live. They are instinctively afraid of people, which is important to theirs and our safety. They should never be fed or approached - keep a respectful distance. Foxes are protected by State law, so they must not be trapped or relocated.

For more information about living with foxes in your neighborhood, read the article "I Have a Fox in My Yard/Neighborhood" by the Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation center in Barrington. Also, we'll have a discussion about foxes and other wildlife at the 3rd Ward meeting on July 10, 2013 at 7pm at Prairie Lakes.


Read the Summer Newsletter!

The new issue of the 3rd Ward newsletter, Ward R3PORT, is now online. Grab your tablet, and head outside for some summer reading. Download the Summer 2013 issue.