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Winter 2011 Newsletter

The Winter 2011 Ward R3PORT is ready for download.  Special thanks to Denise Smith-Rodd, Lisa Norris, and Brian Wolf for their hard work in writing, editing, and publishing this seasonal newsletter.  Included in this issue:

  • History of the Willow's Academy Building
  • City Hall Update: Efficiency
  • Blizzard Recap
  • City Staffer Interview: Dir. Tim Oakley
  • Meyer Material Cell Tower

Help Deliver Our Newsletter

The Fall 2010 Ward R3PORT is hot off the press and ready to hit the streets.  While this is the fourth newsletter to be produced, this is the first to be printed; special thanks to The Journal and Topics Newspaper for donating the printing.  With your help, we can deliver one newsletter to every door in the ward.  Please consider giving a few hours of your time to facilitate an open and productive dialogue with your neighbors.  

After reviewing the ward map below, please use the form to indicate if you are available to volunteer.  

Don't worry...there is no door knocking required.  Just leave the newsletter in each door and move to the next neighbor.  Details will be emailed and routes will be finalized after registration.