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Sticky Topics: Digital Billboards & Bees

Thursday's Legal & Licensing Committee meeting demonstrated the breadth and depth of our council's conversations: billboards & bees were on the menu.  That's right.  

Up first were two outdoor signage companies who were interested in both building new digital billboards in town and possibly converting existing static billboards into digital boards.  Everyone who knows the City's history on billboards knows that a previous administration allowed the construction of a number of billboards along the highway corridor in return for $25,000 for 5 years worth of July 4th fireworks.  The builder then flipped the boards to a media company for millions.  That's the short version of the story, but I didn't think anyone would be in favor of any more or any different billboards.  I made a motion to instruct staff to not consider the request for digital billboard permits and Chairman Robinson agreed with me.  We're learning from our history....trying not to repeat the bad parts....

Second was an Apiarist (don't feel bad...I had to look it up too. ha.) who wanted the city to change it's policy on beekeeping.  Currently we only allow it if you're keeping bees 1/4 miles from any school, church, or public place.  Send be a note if you feel strongly in either direction, but we'll see what staff has to say about it when it comes before the full council.