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DPRoadRescue.org In The News

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"The next time you hit a pothole in Des Plaines, instead of swearing a blue-streak under your breath (or out loud) and praying that it gets filled sometime this decade, now you can text the city with the pothole's location and rest assured that it will be filled. 

´╗┐Alderman Matt Bogusz (3rd Ward) has implemented a new program, Des Plaines Road Rescue, that allows residents to text or email the locations of potholes."

New Road Rescue Program Allows Residents To Text The Location Of Potholes

Lisa Cisneros - Des Plaines Patch - 1/6/11

"The 'DP Road Rescue' initiative, launched by 3rd Ward Alderman Matt Bogusz, aims to streamline road repair requests and cut through the red tape of having to communicate with multiple government agencies such as the city of Des Plaines, Maine Township, Cook County, or the state"

Des Plaines launches easy way to report potholes

By Madhu Krishnamurthy - Daily Herald - 1/6/11

"'Des Plaines Road Rescue'  lets motorists report craters or other types of road problems via texting or online. The program launched at the beginning of this year and is meant to streamline street repair requests.

"'You shouldn’t have to send an email, make a call, and show up in person to get a task completed,' said Ald. Matt Bogusz, who created the service with the help of the Google Voice early adopters program.

Texting for pothole repair

By Jennifer Delgado - Triblocal - 1/6/11


DP not buying Sim's Bowl after all

By Madhu Krishnamurthy | Daily Herald Staff

In a surprising reversal, the Des Plaines city council Monday night voted not to authorize bonds for the purchase of Sim's Bowl and Lounge in downtown.

The vote Monday was 7-1 against authorizing $895,000 in bonds. Aldermen Patti Haugeberg (1st Ward), John Robinson (2nd), Matt Bogusz (3rd), James Brookman (5th), Mark Walsten (6th), Dan Wilson (7th), and Rosemary Argus (8th) cast "no" votes, while 4th Ward Alderwoman Jean Higgason voted to issue bonds.

On Jan. 19, the council approved buying the iconic bowling alley at 1555 Ellinwood St., for $862,500 from Midwest Bank to spur redevelopment. The vote then was 5-3 in favor of the purchase.

Haugeberg, Robinson, Brookman and Walsten changed their votes.

"In this case, the folks who changed their minds did so because it was the right thing for the city and there's nothing wrong with that," said Bogusz, who urged his ward residents to come out in force Monday night to oppose Sim's purchase.

"I think a roomful at city hall always helps," said Bogusz, who has been trying to coax fellow aldermen to change their votes. "It's a team effort. And the residents are the ones who were truly persuasive. And they are sick and tired of getting burned, because councils come and go, but the taxpayers are stuck with the bill."

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Published: 3/17/2010 12:01 AM