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2012 Local Election Results

If you live in the 3rd Ward and made it to the polls you've seen these names on your ballot.  Here are the [semi]final results:

US Congress - District 9

Jan Schakowsky (D)  -  184,850 votes  -  66.1%
Timothy Wolfe (R)  -  94,798 votes  -  33.9%

Illinois Senate - District 28

Dan Kotowski (D)  -  44,440 votes  -  57.4%

Jim O'Donnell (R)  -  33,048  -  42.6%

Illinois House - District 55

Martin Moylan (D)  -  20,498 votes  -  53.3%
Susan Sweeney (R)  -  17,957 votes  -  46.7%

For a complete listing check out these resources:

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Upsets & Tight Races - Results Final: Robinson, Sayad, Walsten, & Charewicz

The 2nd and 6th Wards turned out as expected with John Robinson and Mark Walsten cleaning up.  

A tight 4th Ward race produced a victor in Dick Sayad with 51.87% of the vote and a 95 vote lead over incumbent Jean Higgason.  With only 53 votes, Mark Pytlewicz cannot be accused of spoiling the race in the 4th.

In the 8th Ward Mike Charewicz handily defeated Pat Mauro with 68.97% of the vote.  Austin Stanton's sudden and late withdrawl from the race left his name on the ballot; it is surprising he only received 3 votes.

Turnout was exceptionally low in every ward (perhaps with the exception of the 4th).  I've included the results from our race in the 3rd Ward - 2009 for context.  

I congratulate Jack, Dick, Mark, and Mike on their win and thank Steve, Jean, Mark, Mario, Pat, and Austin for participating in our democratic process.   

2011 City Council Election Results


2009 3rd Ward Results