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Supporting Eagles & Seniors - Questioning Spurious Arguments

City Council Meeting: 03/21/11

This week's meeting began with an excellent presentation from Max Jacobs, an aspiring Eagle Scout, who is looking to build a memorial to fallen Des Plaines Firefighter Robert Coombs.  Having earned the rank of Eagle Scout during my BSA career, I am always excited to see new and excited Scouts present their projects to the Council.  If you would like to donate to this cause you can mail a check made out to "Max Jacob's Eagle Project" ATTN: Fire Department to Des Plaines City Hall

A few questions surrounding the City's Downtown Banner Program were asked and answered.  For a small fee, banners will be made available to retail businesses in the City's downtown; they will be hung throughout the corridor.  An interlocal agreement between the City and the Des Plaines Senior Center was finalized.  These folks help hundreds of seniors and have accepted the responsibility of operating the City's meals on wheels program.

R Franczak & Associates and their proposed project on Prairie Ave. were the topic of a heated conversation.  Here's the site:  

A byproduct of the slouching housing market, Franczak planned the project and never broke ground.  They came looking for an extension of the zoning ordinance.  Yes, I wish this project had started but I understand the economic realities and hope that their project is viable soon.

Image: City of Austin, TXI like approaching agenda items with an open mind.  In the case of Alderman Walsten's proposed "ban on sale or use of coal tar-based sealants," (a sealant used to preserve asphalt services) I couldn't have been more indifferent until an audience member stood up to speak.  This sealant salesman provided his Franklin Park address and began to submit the benefits of his coal tar products.  My ears perked up when -- while attempting to demonstrate how coal tar sealants are not harmful to our health -- this salesman compared his product's carcinogenic properties to car emissions and motor oil leaks.  Yep...about as spurious as an argument can get.  We tabled this item after the speaker said "I don't think I'm explaining myself well, our professional organization's representative would like to present to the Council.  She has a PHD."  I'm looking forward to her presentation.

Elections could shake up 4/8 of the City Council members.  Remember to vote on April 5th.