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Flooding Study Available Online

Executive Summary
As requested by the City of Des Plaines (City), this drainage report was prepared by Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd. (CBBEL) to summarize the analysis of three study areas within the City: Area 1 - Prairie Avenue and First Avenue, Area 2 - Southeast Place and Grant Drive, and Area 3 - Forest Avenue at Earl Avenue, 4th Avenue, and Cindy Lane. Each of the three study areas experienced flooding during the July 23, 2011 storm event...

Read the complete report


Press Release: Threshold Not Met for Cook County Disaster Declaration

Issued Monday, August 29, 2011

The Des Plaines Homeland Security & Emergency Management Agency has received notification from the Cook County Emergency Management Agency (CCEMA) that the Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA) has conducted a review of the information that was collected and submitted following the storm of July 22/23, 2011. At that time, residents were requested to complete damage assessment forms.

The City damage assessments are conducted in collaboration with CCEMA, IEMA, and, if conditions warrant, the small business administration and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). It was determined that the amount of damage reported was insufficient for submitting a damage assessment to be conducted for a Federal declaration for Cook County.


Generators, No Fees, & Autograph!

City Council Meeting of August 15, 2011

Celebrity Autograph: "To Matt, Best Wishes -Wayne Serbin"Tonight's agenda started with a proposed place of worship at 1416 River Road.  The single family residence is not fit to handle the expected volume of worshipers.  The council concurred with the 6-0 decision by the zoning board to reject the petition. 

The council sent the home generator rebate program back to staff to iron out a wrinkle.  It will be back next meeting and likely has the votes to pass.  $250 (regular portable) or $400 (large/gas powered) generators will likely be included.  More to come.

After 1,570 reports of flood damage following the July 23rd flooding events, the council decided to waive all permit fees for flood damage repairs resulting from this storm.  Make sure to get a permit, but no fees will be assessed. 

Have you read the Spring/Summer 2011 Ward R3PORT?  A ton of excellent volunteers have delivered paper copies to most doors in the ward and you can download your copy in PDF form.  One of the feature stories is on DP legend Wayne Serbin, a resident who has been to more council meetings than anyone in city hall.  I'm honored to have his autograph!


Ward Meeting: Flooding Discussion

Our next monthly 3rd Ward Meeting is scheduled for August 10th, at 7pm - Prairie Lakes Community Center.  The City's Engineering Department will be on hand to provide an update following the recent storm and flooding events.  We will also field questions about potential FEMA assistance and the processes that have to occur before the assistance is realized.  Please send me an email (matt@3rdward.org) if you have any specific or technical questions so that I can do my homework before the meeting. 


Flash Flooding Alert

The National Weather Service reports that 6.8 inches of rain fell in the City of Des Plaines within a 3 hour period during the night of July 22, 2011.

According to the National Weather Service's Report of 9:00 AM, Saturday, July 23, 2011, the Des Plaines River near Des Plaines is at 7.12 feet.  The river is predicted to crest at 8.5 feet at 1 PM Saturday afternoon, July 23, 2011  (Flood stage is 5.0 feet).

The City has placed sand and sandbags at the following locations:

  • Big Bend Drive & Hawthorne Lane
  • Christ Church (Cora Street and Henry Avenue)
  • River Road and Howard Avenue

The following roads are currently closed:

  • Golf Road between River Road and East River Road
  • Oakton Street between Mount Prospect Road and Elmhurst Road
  • Oakton Street and Maple Road
  • Rand Road and Elk Boulevard
  • River Road and Rand Road
  • Algonquin Road between Mt Prospect Road and Wolf Road
  • Northwest Highway at the S-Curve
  • Golf/Wolf Road between Golf Road and the traffic circle

ComEd reports that 2800 residents are without power.  ComEd reports that all power should be restored by tomorrow, Sunday, July 24, 2011.

Public Works crews along with the Police Department will sweep the neighborhoods, handling emergencies first and then any other flood-related incidents.  The City of Des Plaines Emergency Management Agency will continue to monitor the situation throughout the day in anticipation of flooding and will issue additional information as needed.

Emergency calls more should be directed to 9-1-1. Des Plaines residents are advised to turn to cable channel #17 and the City's website, www.desplaines.org, for more information as it becomes available.   Additional weather information is available

from the National Weather Service at www.crh.noaa.gov/ahps2/index.php?wfo=lot. Flooding information and non-emergency calls may be directed to the Des Plaines Emergency Management Agency (EMA) at 847-391-5396. 



Generator Rebate? "DP Groupon"

Tonight's Engineering Committee meeting proved to be interesting.  Aldermen Robinson, Argus, and I (the committee chair) called the meeting to discuss a proposal put forth by Alderman Robinson and Mayor Moylan; under this proposal, $250 rebates would be given from the City to residents who purchased generators for their homes.  The project's budget would be $15,000 (so up to 60 generators) and would require the resident to provide proof of purchase, proof of residence for two years after purchase, and all rebated households would be subject to random inspections to ensure the generators were not returned or given away.  Here are the detailed documents from the meeting:  Draft Proposal  Draft Agreement  Representatives from BestBuy were on hand to answer questions and offer their services as a potential supplier of generators. 

Half way through the committee meeting the challenges of implementation and concern for our general fund reserve began weighing the proposal down.  Alderman Walsten raised a number of strong points and both Alderman Robinson and Argus called into question a number of the operational shortcomings of the proposed plan.  It was then that I was reminded of a concept pioneered by the website Groupon.com.  This site offers discounts for items as long as enough people purchase the item being offered.  As an example, Groupon.com would offer 1/2 off a haircut if 250 buy the haircut "groupon" (like a coupon for a group).  If 250 people don't agree to buy the haircut at the discounted price then no one gets the discount.  In much the same way, we can leverage the collective buying power of residents without burdening the City's general fund.  The representative for Best Buy offered to take this concept and come back to the Engineering Committee with a plan that will offer a large discount on generators to Des Plaines residents as long as a certain volume (# still TBD) are purchased by the individuals (not the City).  Additionally, the City might then wave any permit fees associated with the instalation and inspection of the larger built-in generators.  This new proposal has the potential to reach more residents (> 60 in the current proposal) at a larger discount with little to no cost to the city. 

This revised proposal passed unanimously out of committee.  I am excited to see what representatives at BestBuy come back to us with.  After we have a plan, a bidding process would be necessary to ensure we are working with the vendor who is offering the best deal to residents.  Know that this plan is far from finalized; I will report back when we learn more.


City Council Meeting: 08/02/10

Steve SchaeferTonight's meeting was short; up first was a special award for resident and VFW leader Steve Schaefer.  Steve's humble attitude towards community service separates him from the pack.  I'm feel honored to have served with him on the Des Plaines Special Events Commission and I hope he will continue to stay involved.  He is truly an asset to this community.

Our National Nigh Out is scheduled for tomorrow, August 3rd.  Learn how you can get involved. 

1645 River Road petitioned for a variance in order to construct a flood wall around their commercial property (roughly 2 feet tall on River Road to 6 feet tall by the river). Subsidized by a FEMA grant, the Council approved the variance having heard the increase in flooding for the neighbors would be negligible in a 100yr flooding event.