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City Council Meeting - 06/01/09

Let me first announce our first 3rd Ward Meeting:

Wednesday, June 10th
7:00 PM
Prairie Lakes

Tonight's meeting was action-packed, with a few issues you'll be interested in learning more about. Before diving into the meeting, I want to share some breaking news. I've just been informed that the Illinois American Water Company has presented a petition for a rate increase to the Illinois Commerce Commission. I know this doesn't affect the entire ward, but for those who live in Elk Grove Township this is a regular and unfortunate consequence of a poor economy matched with rising costs of running a large utility. Here is the press release from IAWC: PRESS RELEASE. Know that I'm working with our legal department to find a way to intervene. Look for a report on this topic shortly.

The meeting began with a discussion of two new appointments to the Economic Development Commission. While a few Alderman sought to question the new appointees before confirmation, I thought of my experience as a Mayoral-appointee to the Des Plaines Library Board. With the ability raise and spend about $7 Million taxpayer dollars, I thought I'd have some sort of obligation to make my case for an appointment. I was shocked to learn that I wasn't required to make an appearance in front of the City Council. Two meetings later, I was appointed. With that experience under my belt, I think it's important for all appointees to introduce themselves to the City Council and residents. These volunteers help influence policy, plan civic events, decide zoning issues, and play a large (and often under-appreciated) part of our City's life. The Council agreed to postpone the appointments so that the Mayor's appointees would have a chance to address the Council and you watching at home.

As the chairman of the Engineering Committee, I presented city staff's proposal for a road and sewer project. For both projects the same bidder came in as the "lowest bidder" but we have an obligation to choose the lowest responsible bidder. The company in question has had 8 OSHA Violations in the past 10 years, they had a fatal accident in 2007, and in 1997 -- while working a Des Plaines project -- they struck a water main and a power utility that caused O'Hare International Airport to lose partial power.

Here are the detailed memos: Streets  Sewers

Two liquor license issues appeared before us. Chris' Billiards on Lee Street will be opening it's doors again as a 21+ establishment, serving alcohol until 2am. The Miner Street Tavern (next to the Sugar Bowl) saw a change in ownership and as a part of that transition the new owner came to renew their tavern (2am) licence. The 4am licence they were granted in February of this year was revoked. While I do understand the plight of small business owners, I agree with our Police Chief when he said that Des Plaines doesn't need to encourage drunk driving by permitting 4am establishments. I voted to remove this 4am license while maintaining the regular 2am tavern license.

I took the opportunity to reflect on the State's recent discussion on the expansion of gaming. See a later post to get my take on further gaming expansion and remember to come to our first ward meeting on June 10th, 7pm @ Prairie Lakes.