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City Council Meeting: 06/07/10

Tonight's meeting was longer than it should have been; it was my fault.  The consent agenda is a parliamentary tool that allows the City Council to consider "routine and non-controversial" issues in one big "aye" vote.  Designed to save time, this agenda item usually carries with it 10+ pieces of ordinance / city business.  

At this evening's meeting, City Staff included the addition of a new class M liquor license.  This issue was previously debated and had passed 4-4 with the mayor breaking the tie in favor of the new licenses.  In my opinion, an issue that was debated for hours and resulted in the Mayor voting (the Mayor can only vote in the case of a tie) does not constitute a "routine and non-controversial" issue.  To highlight this issue, I asked that all 15 items be removed from the consent agenda to encourage discussion of usually-glanced-over items.  If a such a controversial issue could be placed on an agenda reserved for non-controversial issues, what has this Council missed in the past?  We need to trust our staff and the direction they provide us.  The conversation which ensued was productive and necessary.  With any luck, more scrutiny will be given to the consent agenda process in future meetings.  

With the support of Aldermen Robinson, Higganson, Walsten, Wilson, and Mayor Moylan, the City will now have seven (7) new gas station liquor stores.  


City Council Meeting: 05/18/10

Months ago the Council passed an ordinance (4-4 with the mayor breaking the tie in favor of the ordinance) that allowed beer and wine to be carried in gas station convenience stores.  Last night, the Council found itself in a strange situation.  The Daily Herald tells the story in today's online edition.