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8/2 Storm & Power Outages

ComEd reports that, due to the brief storms that passed through the region last night, approximately 20,000 customers are without power in the region.  In the City of Des Plaines, there are scattered outages with 332 customers without power.  Crews have been assigned to Des Plaines to handle those outages and most of the restoration should occur before midnight tonight.


7/11 Storm & Power Outages

There are 5,800 Des Plaines customers without power as of 2 pm this afternoon.  There are 4 downed power lines in the City and two intersections without power.  PW continues to work clearing trees/branches and will have all streets open by nightfall, with the exception of trees entangled in power lines.  ComEd will get to those situations on a priority basis.

Documented downed lines are at the following locations:

1.       Near Maple & Fargo

2.       1755 Ash

3.       Near Howard & Cedar

4.       649 Wolf

This morning’s storm produced documented wind speeds in the area of 80 mph.  A region-wide total of 750,000 were without power initially after the morning storm.    570,000 still remain without power in the region.  Only two storms have been worse (in terms of outages) in ComEd’s history.  This storm has produced the largest number of outages since 1998.  ComEd has 418 crews working and are seeking 200 additional crews from other states.

More updates will be available as they are available.


Storm Recovery - Trees & Power

Extensive storm damage left many downed trees and tree limbs and a large portion of the City of Des Plaines without power.  Beginning around 10pm last night, I toured the 3rd Ward making sure crews were addressing dangerous situations.  If you know of a situation that has yet to be addressed, please call one of the numbers below.  
Thank you to all the neighbors who pitched in, clearing roadways and helping remove debris from private property.  
As the cleanup progresses, please treat all power lines like they are live and dangerous.  Neighbors who have property damage should be sure to document all damage with pictures.  
Over 300,000 ComEd customers are without power.  Know that I am working with City Staff to ensure our 3rd Ward is brought back on line as soon as possible.  
Here are some useful phone numbers: 
All Emergencies: 911
Downed Power Line: 1-800-334-7661
Tree Branches: 847-391-5400
Alderman Bogusz: 847-514-6318