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Generators, No Fees, & Autograph!

City Council Meeting of August 15, 2011

Celebrity Autograph: "To Matt, Best Wishes -Wayne Serbin"Tonight's agenda started with a proposed place of worship at 1416 River Road.  The single family residence is not fit to handle the expected volume of worshipers.  The council concurred with the 6-0 decision by the zoning board to reject the petition. 

The council sent the home generator rebate program back to staff to iron out a wrinkle.  It will be back next meeting and likely has the votes to pass.  $250 (regular portable) or $400 (large/gas powered) generators will likely be included.  More to come.

After 1,570 reports of flood damage following the July 23rd flooding events, the council decided to waive all permit fees for flood damage repairs resulting from this storm.  Make sure to get a permit, but no fees will be assessed. 

Have you read the Spring/Summer 2011 Ward R3PORT?  A ton of excellent volunteers have delivered paper copies to most doors in the ward and you can download your copy in PDF form.  One of the feature stories is on DP legend Wayne Serbin, a resident who has been to more council meetings than anyone in city hall.  I'm honored to have his autograph!